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Luminox Commando Raider-Serie

Luminox Commando Raider Series

Raiders have always been versatile fighters who specialise in quick strikes, so they have to be ready for anything. In such a high-intensity environment, every second counts.

Luminox brings you the perfect military watch with unique features and functionalities to make every moment count!

Raiders, Get Ready!

The brand new Commando Raider Series from Luminox is a highly versatile timepiece for all professional military, police personnel, outdoor adventurers and other peak performers.

The military design symbolizes strength, power, and speed. But that’s not all.

It's the ultimate night vision gear to facilitate you in all kinds of tough situations. This watch is perfect for any outdoor adventure and allows you to take up that next challenge.

Key Features Of Commando Raider Series

  • Sand-coloured dial
  • Unidirectional countdown bezel
  • Integrated compass
  • Comes with a 46mm CARBONOXTM case

Luminox Light Technology – At A Glance Visibility

The commando raider is an innovative analogue watch with a special light technology to equip raiders for any night time mission.

The Luminox Light Technology provides a constant glow 24/7 no matter what the conditions are and without the need of any external light source.

Adjustable strap size

Are you unsure whether the strap will fit?

With our cut-to-fit collection you can customize the length of your strap and make it a perfect fit.

Viewing The Night Vision Green

One of the Commando Raider's most striking features is its font based on ubiquitous military stencils.

The green compass points inserted on the bezel are anodized aluminum coloured in what Luminox calls “Night Vision Green,” as it matches the color when you look at the world through night vision goggles.

Discover Your Commando Raider Series Watch Now!

The Commando Series meets the needs of active professional military and police personnel, as well as adventure lovers who want a reliable, precise analogue watch.

The watches are assembled by hand in Switzerland ensuring highest quality.

Make sure you are ready for your next adventure.

Get your Commando Raider today!

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