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Robert Killian - Spartan-Elite Luminox-Botschafter

Robert Killian - Spartan Elite Luminox Ambassador

Robert Killian is a 37 year-old Spartan Elite team member and Luminox Watch Ambassador. He had been a high school track star, collegiate runner, and top-tier lronman triathlete who plied his athleticism, skills, and tenacity to become a US Army Best Ranger Competition winner, US biathlon champion, and a top competitor in the World Military Orienteering Championships.  His OCR career took off in 2015 when he won the Spartan Race World Championship despite having just four races under his belt. Robert is a  full-fledged professional obstacle course racer with numerous wins,  dozens of podium finishes, loads of media coverage, and a stint last year  as chairman of USAOCR. Residing in Colorado with his wife, Maxine,  he is a devoted father and is inspired to race by this two children.

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