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Cathy Daniels

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, The Hospital for Sick Children

As the world witnessed during the Pandemic, nurses are, by every definition, heroes. During the early days of COVID-19, nurses served selflessly and bravely on the frontline caring for those suffering from the virus. They not only helped to treat and alleviate the pain of the infected but served as a surrogate family and a friend when the patient’s loved ones were restricted from in-person visits. 


Cathy Daniels began her career in nursing 28 years ago as a registered nurse, later becoming a nurse practitioner. Cathy now serves as NP Professional Practice Lead and is truly the epitome of the heroism of her profession. In addition to her work at the hospital, she teaches the next generation of nurse practitioners at the University of Toronto.


“It’s nice to see nurse practitioners being recognized. If I was to inspire anybody, I would hope that everyone finds joy in what they do for a living.”

– Cathy Daniels

When Cathy sees someone in need, she does not run away; she runs to help. Even before the pandemic and outside of her work, Cathy has exemplified heroism. Once while on vacation, she and her family were only a few cars away from a horrific car accident and before anyone else had time to react, Cathy ran to the scene. She administered first aid to the victim before first responders arrived. Helping others defines Cathy, and Luminox is proud to honor her.