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Ian Schinelli

U.S. Navy SEAL, Retired

Born in Ohio, with a Father in the Air Force, Ian Schinelli grew up in a military family and they were frequently on the move. After finally settling in the suburbs of Chicago, he developed a love for soccer and thanks to his talent and hard work, earned an athletic scholarship to attend university in Nashville, TN. With his family’s background in the Armed Services, Ian enlisted in the Navy immediately after graduating from college, in large part to a best friend who met a Navy SEAL recruiter at their house. In addition to the opportunity the SEALs provided him to make a difference and protect his fellow citizens, Ian was drawn to this elite team because of his desire to be among the best war fighters in the world. Ian was fortunate enough to be able to incorporate his past soccer skills into his military profession by participating for the Military Olympic Soccer Team and Military World Cup Team. 


Ian personifies Luminox's motto, every second counts, with the belief that each moment holds significance, and he embodies this philosophy by focusing on actions that create a positive influence. He shared, “I don’t waste my time with people or activities that don’t have a positive impact on my life. I prioritize my time with my daughter and give her my attention when I’m with her. I prioritize my time in the gym and training for multiple events. Relationships, my seconds and minutes are devoted to that time with those people because I respect their time as much as my own.


After completing three tours with the SEALs, Ian returned to civilian life in Nashville but remains educated, he supports the Navy SEAL Foundation, which supports the families of fallen SEALS with housing, education, mental and physical wellness, and more. He also supports Aerial Recovery, which works with Veterans as well.


"When I’m training, I look to make the time I have available count, every second and every minute is an opportunity to get better."

– Ian Schinelli

Ian shares his experience saying, “…I would want people to know that when you devote yourself to something you want to do, something that feeds your soul and lights a fire inside of you, get rid of all the outside noise and truly focus on what you want for yourself and in your life. If you can do that, you can and will make it happen.” 

Ian, like Luminox, supports the Navy SEAL Foundation. We Thank You for Your Service

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