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Legendary since 1994

Navy SEAL: The evolution of an icon

The Original Navy SEAL watch was first introduced in 1994. This timepiece put Luminox on the map.


3001 series

Original Navy SEAL

In 1992, The Assistant Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) Officer for the Navy SEALs, Chief Nick North, and Luminox worked together to develop a watch specifically for the SEALs, leading to the creation of the Navy SEAL 3000 Series.

The ultra-light weight and extreme robustness where the features that turned the Original 300 Series into the Navy SEALS' favorite. 


3051 series

Original Navy SEAL Colormark

In 2007, weintroduced the Navy SEAL Colormark 3050 series - the next step in the evolution of the iconic 3001. Like the original, The 3051 Colormark has an ultra-strong CARBONOX™ case in a slightly larger size, 44mm.

The numbers on the dial and bezel are family for their clarity and are easy to read in any situation.


3500 series

Original Navy SEAL

In 2017, Luminox continued to push boundaries with the release of the Navy SEAL 3500 series. A modern design interpretation of the Original Navy SEAL watch, with a 45mm CARBONOX™case is ultra-lightweight and features 200 meter water resistance.

All of the proportions and technical feature of the watch have been optimized.