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Never Give Up X Lionel Balland

Never Give Up X Lionel Balland


Headquarters: United States

Mission: Fitness Trainer, Owner of @academyathletics , Online Personal Trainer

Favorite Luminox: Jolly Rogers Limited Edition 3800

Lionel is a fitness trainer and owns his own studio in Seattle. He has already competed in a Spartan Race with Team Luminox and has also produced some videos for us, such as the launch video for the Jolly Rogers Limited Edition .

What does "never give up" mean to Lionel?

I think my entire life reflects the motto “Never Give Up” in a way. Much of what I've achieved has been an uphill struggle and I've probably accomplished more than some people would expect of me. I'm more of a person who keeps his head down, doesn't talk much and just does it. Every challenge in the past has been a lot tougher than I initially expected, but it all worked out in the end because of my work ethic and my ability to just keep going. The motto is simply part of my life. I've always believed that if you work hard enough, you can't fail. Positive thinking and believing in myself have made me who I am today.

Looking at Luminox, I can't help but think of the Spartan World Championship in Lake Tahoe. In September 2019, I flew there with some colleagues to take part in the toughest race of Spartan together as "Team Luminox". The route goes up and down several times, plus there are extremely strenuous parkour elements that are a real challenge for the weaker self. The route is so challenging that many participants fail to complete it. It didn't look good for me right from the start either. On one of the first obstacles, I lost my footing in a sandstorm and fell 12 feet straight onto my elbow, which ultimately landed in my ribs. The air was pressed out of my lungs and at first I thought everything was broken. I could hardly move my arm and, as it turned out later, I couldn't breathe properly, let alone lift anything heavy, for the next two months. And yet I finished the race. When I later shared the story with my gym clients, everyone was very surprised that I didn't stop the race at that point. But to be honest, the thought never crossed my mind at the time. I knew the challenge was going to be tough and just because I got injured I didn't want to give it up. My pride, the team and role models like multiple winner and Luminox Ambassador Robert Killian just didn't let that question arise. So I shook myself and kept fighting. After several hours I finally made it and after a hard 12.5 miles I reached the finish line. It was definitely a challenge and a lot harder than it needed to be, but it was an even bigger achievement for me to win. "Never Give Up" is a statement that all winners somewhere follow. Joking is temporary, but spending will last forever.

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