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Alex Griff

Lieutenant and Training Officer, Hazel Crest Fire Department, Hazel Crest, IL

As the saying goes, Save one life, you're a hero. Save a hundred lives, you're a firefighter. Alex Griff is a true example of a hero among us.


Alex Griff grew up on the south side of Chicago and was introduced to the life of a fireman by his uncle Jim who invited the young Alex for visits at the firehouse and exposed him to the comradery and bonds of friendship his uncle enjoyed during his time there. Now having been a firefighter for nearly 20 years, he felt called to service after the tragic events of 9/11. At 38 years old, Griff is now a Lieutenant and Training officer with the Hazel Crest Fire Department.

Alex has a personal passion for health and wellness and shares his enthusiasm for physical fitness with his fellow firefighters every chance he gets. Most of all, Alex enjoys his career in firefighting because of the opportunity it provides him to help others in his community, not just in their times of need, but everyday acts of kindness and volunteering are a constant motivation. Alex serves as a leader and a friend to his team by continuing to work extremely hard every day and inspiring those around him to strive to be their best no matter what their profession.


“Every day I try and do something hard. I tell that to people all the time. 'Do something hard today' I try and improve some aspect of my life every day. Life is extremely short, make the best of it and never take anything for granted.”

– Alex Griff

Alex’s philanthropic interests include Navy SEAL Foundation, Ignite the Spirit, and Project Fire Buddies. 

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