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Pacific Diver Chronograph, 44 mm, Taucheruhr - 3153	, Ziffernblatt


Luminox's Chronograph watch movements

Unlock new capabilities with Luminox's Chronograph watches. Seamlessly time events, below the surface or on solid ground. These watches empower you to record and calculate time intervals with a mere touch of a button, enabling you to seize the essence of speed, precision, and accomplishment. 

No matter where your adventures take you, our timepieces are steadfast companions, faithfully keeping time in the face of any challenge.

Swiss craftsmanship

Luminox's Chronograph movements are a symphony of rugged spirit and precision engineering. These timepieces embody an audacious essence. Unleash boldness and impeccable accuracy with each tick of Swiss mastery. Experience the unwavering legacy where rugged charm meets refined elegance. 

Elevate your wrist with Luminox Chronograph.



Our Chronograph timepieces are designed to ignite your senses and command attention. From the bold colors that exude confidence to the intricate detailing that whispers secrets of meticulous craftsmanship, every inch of these watches embodies the spirit of adventure. These watches are symbols of refined taste and unyielding resolve. 

Embrace the essence of timekeeping and embark on a journey where style meets substance, where innovation meets tradition - welcome to the world of Luminox's Chronographs.

Using our Chronograph Watches

Familiarize yourself with the functions: Luminox Chronograph watches typically feature three buttons on the side. The top button starts and stops the chronograph, the bottom button resets it to zero, and the middle button, known as the crown, adjusts the time.

Activate the chronograph: Press the top button to initiate the chronograph's stopwatch function. Watch in awe as the central hand begins its elegant sweep across the sub-dials, measuring time in exquisite detail.

Measure elapsed time: Keep a keen eye on the chronograph's central hand as it moves. The main dial usually represents seconds, while the smaller sub-dials may indicate minutes and hours. Take note of these readings to accurately calculate the elapsed time.

Pause the chronograph: Press the top button once more to pause the chronograph, freezing the central hand at its current position. This allows you to capture and record the precise elapsed time with unwavering accuracy.

Reset the chronograph: To reset the chronograph to zero, press the bottom button. This action seamlessly aligns all hands back to their starting positions, preparing your Luminox Chronograph watch for its next timing session.

Embrace the precision, functionality, and style that Luminox brings to the art of timekeeping, and seize every second with unwavering confidence.