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Ken Murphy

U.S. Airforce, SWAT Police Officer, South Florida

Ken Murphy is the living definition of service to his country. Born in Denver, CO., he enlisted in the armed services in 2009 joining the United States Air Force. With both his father and grandfather having served in the Army, Ken found his inspiration to join the Air Force after the events of 9/11 and witnessing American Forces fighting heroically in Afghanistan and Iraq. Ken would complete two tours in the Middle East in the Quick Reaction Force and Force Protection Patrols as well as engaging in joint operations with the Afghan Police and Military.


After 4 years, he returned to live in South Florida graduating from Police Academy and later being promoted to Seargent. Currently, he is the Assistant Team Leader on SWAT and Training Unit Sergeant for the department. Ken’s passion for his profession is rooted in the skills he has acquired through both his military and police training that fosters quick thinking, physical preparedness, problem-solving, and the opportunity to protect others. Like so many with whom he served, Ken believes what he does Is not simply a job but a higher calling to protect those who don’t have the ability to protect themselves.


“I like to capitalize on experiences more than belongings because I believe that experiences are more valuable in the long run.”

– Ken Murphy

When asked about Luminox’s mantra #EverySecondCounts, he remarked that time is the one metric we will never get back, so he consciously makes every second count, not worrying about the things we cannot control but staying focused on that which we can. 

In his free time, Ken supports the work of OURrescue, The Spear Fund, and Internet Crimes Against Children.