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Anlässlich und zu Ehren des Monats der Erde präsentiert Luminox die neue BEAR GRYLLS ECO 3720 ’NO PLANET B’

Luminox Launches The Pioneering BEAR GRYLLS ECO 3720 ’NO PLANET B’ in Honor of Earth Month

Luminox and Bear Grylls team up with #tide ocean material® to help protect the planet by creating a sustainable timepiece made of ocean-recycled plastic.

April 2024  The Luminox X Bear Grylls ECO 3720 ‘NO PLANET B’ watch offers an innovative solution in the face of environmental challenges. The collaboration combines Luminox's precision watchmaking with Bear Grylls' adventurous spirit and the innovation of #tide, while simultaneously championing environmental conservation. The revolutionary, ecofriendly model removes approximately three 500ml plastic bottles from the ocean per watch and by that reduces plastic waste and its impact on our environment. Bear Grylls comments on the groundbreaking ECO Series: “When it comes to reducing harm to our wild places and natural environment, we need to be the change we want to see. I am so proud to partner with Luminox on our new ECO Series watch, leading the way towards a future without plastic”.

As the most sustainable timepiece in Luminox's portfolio yet, the ECO 3720 ’NO PLANET B’ is a symphony of recycled elements. The strap and case are made from 100% ocean plastic collected in partnership with #tide. The #tide material starts out as collected plastic waste, which is then broken down into its base particles. These are treated, cleaned, and then shredded so that they can be injected, just like the original plastic it once was. In this way, Luminox reuses this plastic, reduces the impact on the planet and contributes to cleaning up our oceans, while helping the local communities impacted most by ocean pollution.

The 42mm case of the ECO 3720 is formed from the shredded plastic, which is also upcycled into pellets to produce spun yarn, the key material for the watch straps. The case back has a unique ocean design with the mantras ‘EVERY SECOND COUNTS’ and ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ engraved alongside the Luminox, Bear Grylls and #tide logos. The black strap has the message – “I USED TO BE A BOTTLE” printed on the inside of the strap, reminding the wearer of its origin. The watch has the famous Luminox Light Technology tubes in orange and green that illuminate the watch, ensuring 24/7 visibility in all light conditions. The strong and emotional phrase ‘NO PLANET B’ is visible on the dial and serves as a stark reminder of the seriousness of our environmental crisis and the need to make drastic changes now. With more than 8 million tons of plastic trash landing in the ocean, each step to reduce this waste helps to make an impact. The latest release in the ECO series builds on the success of the well-suited partnership of Luminox, Bear Grylls and #tide, and their commitment to sustainability to offer watches made for the future.

Sustainability at Luminox:

For decades, Luminox has maintained a responsible use of resources, searched for alternative materials, and implemented eco-friendly production processes. In 2020, Luminox as part of the MONDAINE group, achieved the milestone of becoming one of the first entirely carbon-neutral watch companies in the world across Scopes 1, 2 and 3 of the Greenhouse Gases Protocol. The use of solar panels on the Swiss based factory roof and the reduction in the volume and weight of packaging heavily contributed to this achievement. Since 2020 Luminox has been collaborating with #tide ocean material®, a company that turns ocean-bound plastic into premium materials, for their ECO series.

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