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Kooperation mit National Geographic Fotograf  BABAK TAFRESHI

Luminox collaborates with world-class night photographer BABAK TAFRESHI

In conjunction with the launch of our new Atacama Adventurer Field 1760 series, Luminox recently invited select international influencers & editors to a memorable trip to the Atacama desert, Chile.

Atacama, one of the most striking – and most extreme landscapes on earth, is covered mostly by rock, sand, salt lakes and lava. This spectacular desert provided us with unforgettable stories and visuals to present our watches.

Atacama Desert have been attracting photographers from around the world for years. Now with the rise of Instagram, even more people want to learn how capture that one killer shot - espcially at night.

Influencers & editors have travelled with BABAK TAFRESHI - a world-class night photographer - and trekked through the desert, learning how to capture the night sky and create stunning compositions with the Atacama Desert as their star.

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