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Luminox präsentiert die neue Navy SEALs RSC Serie

Introducing the NEW Navy SEAL 3250 Series

Since its very first SEAL watch, Luminox has deepened it relationship with this elite unit of the US Navy becoming an Official Partner of the Navy SEAL Foundation. Fearless courage in the face of most extreme situations defines a Navy SEAL, and the newest evolution of the iconic series of watches from their partnership rises to the occasion. The Navy SEAL RSC 3250 honors the legacy of the SEALS and is truly a special kind of watch for a special kind of person.

Uniting Three Materials 

30 years after the original Navy SEAL watch debuted in 1992, Luminox is launching its latest collection utilizing three materials to create 4 versions of the infamous Navy SEAL classic 3250.   

Stand Up to the Challenge

In the iconic turtle shape designed for crown protection, each model uses 316L Steel for the case material with one option in black coated steel. The uni-directional rotating bezels are made of CARBONOX™ and three options are available with rubber straps, while one is offered with steel bracelet. A double security gasket further ensures water resistance and overall performance. The result is a collection that evolves upon the success of the classic while reducing the weight of the overall pieces by nearly 20% due to the inclusion of CARBONOX™. 

As with every other Luminox timepiece, it incorporates Luminox Light technology, making sure that your timepiece is visible in any light conditions for up to 25 years. 

Designed to accompany the Navy SEAL on their most perilous quests from swimming out of a torpedo tube to stealthily crossing into enemy territory on a rescue, The Navy SEAL RSC can stand up to the challenge. And if it can survive the real mission, you can be confident it will pass any test. 

Get your Navy SEAL RSC 3250 now!

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