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Interview mit Rock’n’Run Teilnehmer Raphael Lutz

Interview with Rock’n’Run Zurich participant Raphael Lutz

On the 14th of July the Rock’n’Run event took place in Zurich. On the program of this ultimate fitness experience: pure action at over 15 power stations, spread out over about ten kilometres, followed by a fantastic cool-down and recovery zone. Luminox, as sponsor of this event, was there and spoke to Raphael Lutz, participant in this year’s run.



Raphael, what is your relationship with Luminox?

Raphael Lutz: Luminox is one of the sponsors of the Rock‘n’Run and I was given the chance to participate for free. This was great since some friends of mine from Luminox also competed in the Rock’n’Run Zurich.


Is this your first Rock’n’Run?

Raphael Lutz: No, I already did a Rock‘n’Run in 2017. However, today’s run had more interesting obstacles, and we were able to really motivate and push each other forward as a team.


What made you want to participate in this hard and difficult run?

Raphael Lutz: My main goal was to take the other team members who, unlike me, had never done a steeplechase, to the finishing line. On a personal level, I was keen on running an action-filled race. 


Which of the obstacles was the most difficult one for you?

Raphael Lutz: Personally speaking, the most difficult obstacle was the first one. It consisted of rotating rings along which the participants had to swing to get from one end to the other. An exhausting challenge!


Which one of the obstacles was your favorite?

Raphael Lutz: The first one – simply because it was the most difficult and challenging one.


Did you feel more challenged by the distance or the obstacles?

Raphael Lutz: It is both really, you have to pace yourself, otherwise you get tired too soon and won’t make it to the finish. The race showed this very clearly – many participants had to give up halfway, unfortunately.


What did it feel like to reach the finishing line, and are you planning to participate in another Rock’n’Run?

Raphael Lutz: It always feels great to reach the finishing line, and it is a very emotional matter. The whole race is filled with emotions. I will certainly participate in a future Rock‘n’Run!

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