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Luminox ehrt die Navy SEALS auf ihrem Weg „Back To The Blue“

Luminox Honors The Navy SEALS As They Head "Back To The Blue"

A new addition to the Navy SEAL Foundation Collection  

To celebrate American Independence Day and the return of Navy SEAL sea operations, Luminox is going back to the blue. The honorary edition Navy SEAL Foundation 3250 model is a robust, precise wristwatch and features a striking combination of shadow blue, black, and gold accents, marking the SEALs’ return to their maritime heritage.

For 30 years, the Navy SEALs have utilized Luminox timepieces as trusted companions in the most demanding environments. From treacherous land missions to blistering desert operations, these watches have stood the test of time, providing reliability, precision, and unparalleled performance. Presently, Navy SEAL operations are returning to their aquatic origins after two decades dominated by land and desert missions, saluting a new era of maritime operational excellence. To celebrate this transition, Luminox proudly unveils the Navy SEAL Foundation 3250 “Back To The Blue” watch.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and Luminox’s signature rugged style, the watch boasts a 45mm stainless steel case plated in IP black and a blue fiberglass uni-directional bezel. The anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass ensures crystal-clear visibility and durability in the most testing environments. Powered by a Swiss Quartz movement, this timepiece is not only stylish but also a reliable companion for the rigors of underwater activity.

Adorned with gold accents on the dial, bezel, and hands, each timepiece celebrates the Navy SEALs with their signature trident logo engraved on the case back, honoring the latest evolution in the unit’s storied history.

Designed for versatility and resilience, the Navy SEAL Foundation 3250 “Back To The Blue” watch comes equipped with a blue rubber strap featuring Luminox’s signature buckle. In addition this timepiece sports 20 ATM water resistance and 16 Luminox Light Technology tubes, giving it elite tactical function allowing its wearer to thrive in any environment.

“This celebratory timepiece represents more than just a watch; it embodies the spirit of resilience, dedication, and honor that define the Navy SEALs,” says Pierrick Marcoux, Brand Director of Luminox. “As they return ‘Back To The Blue,’ we stand in awe of their bravery and commitment to protecting their communities.”

Geff Leard, Director of Partnerships at the Navy SEAL Foundation says “Whether at sea, on land, or in the air, Luminox is a trusted asset SEALs can depend on. Luminox is also a teammate the Navy SEAL Foundation can depend on to continuously and generously give back to the NSF and support our mission.”

For watchmaking and tactical enthusiasts alike, the Navy SEAL Foundation 3250 “Back To The Blue” edition serves as a poignant reminder of the Navy SEALs’ enduring legacy and offers its wearers unyielding resolve to conquer any challenge that lies before them.

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