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Never Give Up X Mike Stibich

Never Give Up X Mike Stibich


Headquarters: Germany

Mission: OCR racer and content creator

Favorite Luminox: Spartan Race and Atacama Adventurer Field

Mike is a home-loving content creator from Munich. Every day on Instagram he shares his passion for his homeland, outdoor adventures, sports and the traditional Bavarian attitude to life with his users.

This is his story.

What does "never give up" mean to Mike?

Proposals, plans, goals - it is always important to me to make something concrete. This is the only way I can really develop, grow and achieve my goals. Unfortunately, all of this is often not without obstacles or let's call it an opponent: the resistance. Be it from outside, through critics or setbacks - or even through myself: Through doubts, frustration or even moderate success.

Who doesn't know it too. I've lived through moments like this often enough myself. A possible consequence could be giving up. For me, a few years ago a certain motto, which is still of great importance to me today, strongly motivated and shaped me. This is: "Failure is not an option!" And precisely that, giving up or throwing in the towel are never serious options for me. To be honest, giving up is just too easy for me. Of course, all the effort would stop immediately, possible critics would be triumphantly silenced, and all the suffering would end... - for now. Because then the head cinema will almost certainly start. I decided for myself that in moments like this I wouldn't ask myself questions like "what would have happened if...?" What if I hadn't given up? “ wants to deal with.

I am convinced that I can grow particularly well in the face of challenges and particularly difficult situations. In my experience, significantly more than on all topics that take place in our comfort zone and in which we are therefore noticeably less challenged. I am undoubtedly convinced of this, because I have lived through exactly this experience several times and have developed a professional attitude towards it over the years. Failure and failure are just as much a part of life as success. If you don't stop immediately after small disappointments, the sense of achievement will never end, I'm very sure of that. With this acceptance and the knowledge that setbacks – even in the future – will not completely throw me off course or make me lose sight of my plans and big goals, I have developed a sovereign approach to this never-ending challenge. For my path I have found to this day that this attitude is the best self-protection.

Hiding is useless at this point. And as you know, giving up is not on my agenda. From my point of view, the quote from Michael Jordan pretty much sums it up: "Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try" .

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