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Automatic Sports Timer

The spirit of all great adventurers driven by exploring the unknown.

Bear Grylls Mountain

By adventurers, for adventurers.

Pacific Diver TYFYS Limited Edition, 44 mm, Taucheruhr - 3121.BO.TY.SET	, UV Shot mit grünen und orangenen Leuchtröhren

Pacific Diver TYFYS

This watch honors those who shape our communities.


Battle-Tested. Mission-Ready.

Swiss-Made Watches

Every watch is assembled in Switzerland.

Cut-to-Fit Straps

The perfect watch strap.

Navy SEAL Foundation Chronograph Set

Precision Engineered for Military Excellencen.

Pacific Diver

Powered by you.

Master Carbon SEAL

Powerful and accurate timekeeping.

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Nature's Inspiration for an adventurous spirit.

ICE-SAR Arctic 1050 Series

First Responders' Ultimate Companion.

Bear Grylls Survival

Build for the future.

Navy SEAL: The Evolution of An Icon

Legendary since 1994.

Original Navy SEAL

Precision and performance, on duty and off.

Navy SEAL Colormark

For the toughest challenges.

Navy Seal 3500 Series

The legendary timepiece.

Navy SEAL Rubber Steel CARBONOX™ (RSC)

Here to redefine your expectations of what a watch can be.


The “first line gear” for the finest warriors.

#tide ECO

Cleaner oceans, sustainable lifestyle


Ready for take off?

F-117 Nighthawk™ 6420 Series

Inspired by the iconic USAF F-117 Nighthawk™ Stealth series

F-117 Nighthawk, 6440 Series

Capturing the essence of flight's mystique.

Atacama Field Automatic

Inspired by the unforgiving Atacama Desert.

Luminox G

Discover more about Luminox G.